Frequently Asked Questions


Can you perform with messy mediums anywhere?

Yes.  We can perform outside, in a concrete warehouse or carpeted mansion.  We customize the entertainment for the space and protect it in creative ways that add to the ambiance.  We have a lot of experience utilizing plexiglas, clear vinyl walls, drop cloths and much more.  We have plenty of shows with splash zones as well as without splash zones.

Do you perform all over the world?

Yes.  We are based in Orlando, Fl but travel and perform all around the world.

What makes you different than other entertainment?

We cannot stand to do things that other people are doing so we are constantly innovating and surprising guests with unexpected, highly visual, exciting, and moving experiences.  One of our specialties is to seamlessly combine dance, music, art installations and messy mediums.  This in combination with a world class creative team, creates nontypical entertainment and visuals that are truly mesmerizing.

Do you appeal to a general audience?

Yes.  We appeal to a general audience in ways that other entertainment cannot.  For example, a typically person who would not normally like to see dance would most likely enjoy DRIP even though we incorporate dance.  We stimulate audiences in several ways at the same time so there is always something to excite them.  We have also studied the average audience member’s attention span and create entertainment that strategically changes pace with that in mind.

CAN YOU customize or theme your entertainment?

Yes.  Our entertainment lends itself well to custom colors, logos, themes and special surprises.

How much space do you need to perform?

The standard sizes of our performance installations are 14x14 ft, 30x30 ft and 6x30 ft but they can be increased or decreased in size depending on what makes sense for your event.